Thursday, March 5, 2009

Rees & Linda

Oh no, I've just turned 55years of age but the up side, is that Rees will always be 2 years older !

Rees & I retired 7 years ago & have been involved with yachts ever since. We bought our first yacht from Townsville & were so thrilled with our Roger Simpson designed trimaran, that we thought we'd have her forever. However, "Liahona" only served her surpose for 6 years before we began to feel that we needed more space. Of course that was going to be in the form of a catamaran, so after buying the hull & deck of a Chincogan design, we set about building our next yacht.

Of course we didn't have time for sitting back with cocktails then as every day was spent on the boat, grinding, bogging, sanding & all the other horrible jobs that go with boat building. However, every afternoon was spent with a nice cold beer or wine in our hands as we sat back & perused the day's efforts.

2007 was spent building our pride & joy, "Windy Spirit", & after cruising aboard her during 2008, we are more than happy with her. We both love the space that she offers us as "liveaboards" & love her performance on the water. For a 40ft yacht, she's quite fast & because I just love speed, she suits me down to the ground.


  1. Hello Linda and Rees, Wow, this is a lovely blog you have here. viewing your previous posts it is nice to see photos of my mum and dad (Brian and Maxine) can you convert them to posting on a blogspot! We receive their Kenny newsletters but never any photos. I have really enjoyed your posts and the accompanying photos really brings the travelogue to life. I read about Rees' cycling gravity experience but the photos show just how much bark he had taken off, I guess by now he is nearly over it? unless he has sold the bike, then maybe there is still some pain lingering :) I love the photos of Kenny and Windy Spirit though with Rees' competiitive spirit I am surprised you posted a photo of Kenny from the side, i thought you would only show photos of Kenny following in your wake!
    Keep up the blogging, I look forward to more photos.
    Thankyou, Graeme Holman.

  2. Hi Linda and Rees, Just found this website and am happy to know where you are. Tried sending an email to you sailmail and it was returned. Do you have an email address we can write to. We are in Curacao on our new little cat Emerald. Hope to hear from you, your friends, Carol and Steve

  3. Hi Steve & Carol,

    For some reason I haven't been able to reply to this comment & it's been ages now since I've been on my blog site so I'm hoping I can regain contact with you. We are now based at the Coffs Harbour Marina for the next 12 months before heading off to New Caladonia next year. What are you up to & where are you?? Our email address
    Hope to hear from you one of these days. Linda & Rees

  4. Hi Steve & Carol,

    Our email address
    Hope we can regain contact as I'd love to know where you are & what you've been up to.
    Love, Linda & Rees